About me

I´m a freelance art director, photographer, and media artist based in Niederzissen, Germany. My work has been recognized by different motorcycle magazines and design blogs around the world. I am studying Media Design at the University of Applied Science – Rheinische Fachhochschule Köln which will result in a Bachelor‘s degree. With over twelve years of professional experience in the media industry. Since an internship at the motorcycle magazine Motorradfahrer I have known my career aspiration at the age of 14 – I wanted to be a graphic designer in the motorcycle industry. Following this goal I finished my apprenticeship as a media designer. The agency and printing company where I served my apprenticeship was responsible for the print advertising of the Nürburgring racetrack and so I could hang on my passion for motor sports.

In the year 2005 I had further training as photographer and worked since then as a freelance photographer for different motorcycle magazines in Europe. During my studies with focus on brand development and branding I realised that my preferences are in marketing. My dream is to work as a marketing professional in the motorcycle industry, applying my experience as media designer, photographer and the Bachelor’s degree in Media Design.

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Sideburn Magazine, BMW Bikes Japan, MC Nytt, Tourenfahrer, Motorradfahrer, Kawasaki GOOD TIMES, Team Suzuki Sweden, JvB Moto, Eltro KG, MOTORRAD, Bike, VC-Ahrweiler, Classic Bike, Motorbuch Verlag, Oldtimer Markt, Salon Hammer, MOTORRAD Sweden.